Recognize Symptoms of being targeted by a Jezebel Spirit

Recognize Symptoms of being targeted by a Jezebel Spirit - especially after you have broken free from it.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you are most likely targeted by a Jezebel spirit in revenge:

  • Fear, anxiety and feeling intimidated
  • Guilt and condemnation
  • Anger and frustration
  • Feeling insecure, inferior and having no self-worth, being unsure about your future, unsure about your identity, your call and your spiritual gifts.
  • Confusion - having a lack of clarity, direction, purpose and vision
  • Depression, heaviness - being on an emotional roller-coaster - tossed around by the alternative pulling and rejection of the person hosting the Jezebel spirit
  • Addictions and/or eating disorders
  • Lethargy - feeling slack and hopeless with no motivation/apathy
  • Unclean thoughts or dreams
  • Depression, heaviness - being on an emotional roller-coaster - tossed around by the alternative pulling and rejection of the person hosting the Jezebel spirit
  • Feeling cursed
  • Loss of peace and joy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Thought patterns of hopelessness and barrenness
  • Death wishes - feeling nothing has worth - Wanting to throw in the towel and give up
  • Feeling that you have to compromise your dreams, vision, calling and identity to please someone else's expectation.
  • Feeling as if the life is squeezed out of you
  • Feeling that you have to perform to be accepted/perfectionism
  • Emotional signs: depression, feeling defeated
  • Physical signs: fatigue, shaking, dry mouth, finding it difficult to articulate or to concentrate, cluster headaches

Remember, Jezebel is very vindictive when it is exposed. Therefore guard your heart, not taking offense.

After a breakup with Jezebel's control, the host will slander you, putting the blame on you, painting a very nasty picture of you to your own friends and family members (who are receptive to it). He will also try to cut you off from your family and friends if possible.

Strategy to keep standing.

  • Stay your mind on Christ! Do not ponder upon the negative.
  • Stay in forgiveness, for you do not wrestle against flesh and blood. (Eph.6:10)
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over your life and destiny.
  • Daily affirm you identity in Christ. Know and declare that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
  • Declare your future according to God's Word, promises and prophecies over your life.
  • Take up the keys of your authority in Christ, binding the spirit of Jezebel, refusing to yield to the above feelings or to being intimidated.
  • Set up your boundaries with a very definite “No” to control, manipulation and intimidation. Do not allow this spirit to barge in and take control. In a very calm manner, you need to take a stand to do as God directs you, not submitting to the intimidation and manipulation of the spirit of Jezebel. Remember, you are led by the Spirit of God and needn’t ever submit to witchcraft (domination, manipulation and intimidation).
  • Learn to stand your ground humbly but firmly, without being “moved” emotionally.
  • Disengage your mind from any argument and simply answer the necessary, without allowing yourself to be pulled into a battle of wills.
  • God raises up victors, not victims. So take up your authority and bind the operations of this spirit in your life and also in those of your minor children. Rise up in boldness, breaking strongholds of fear in your mind in the Name of Jesus. Effect of a Jezebel spirit on the children in that household

Many children in a "Babylonian" family (Ahab/Jezebel) take on the same characteristics as those of their parents, only sometimes worse.

Girls: Often become man-haters, aggressive, disrespectful. They tend to be interested in witchcraft as a means of gaining power and control over people. They are apt to be involved in sexual promiscuity, lesbianism, drugs.

Boys: Often become soft, self-centered, lazy, a momma's boy. They learn early to use women to get what they want. They easily feel rejected, and become cry-babies; apt to be involved in sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, pornography and drugs - especially when the mother is the host of Jezebel.

PRAY for the children to be covered by the protection of Jesus' blood.

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, forgive the person who is harboring this spirit, but do not tolerate this behavior. It is important to have mercy on the person, but then to confront the spirit of Jezebel by talking to the person in the spirit of meekness and love when led by the Holy Spirit to do so. If the person is receptive and willing to repent and be prayed for, you can use the prayer at the end of the series.

If the person hosting this spirit does not want to repent, you cannot tolerate the abusive behavior and you will have to put strict boundaries in your communication with the person - not being a sitting duck for abuse.

The Lord Jesus is clearly speaking to the Church of Thyatira that He holds it against them for tolerating Jezebel. (Rev.2:20)

If you are the spouse of a person hosting the Jezebel spirit, you need prayer to be healed of soul wounds and to be delivered of the bondage of slavery that you have been submitted to.

When you recognize the characteristics of the Jezebel spirit operating through your own life, face it, acknowledge it and step into the provision of Christ. He has paid for your sins by His precious blood. Forgiveness and freedom is available when you repent, coming to Him as your Deliverer and surrendering your life to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Join in the prayer for deliverance at the end of the course and receive your freedom.

After you have dealt with the Jezebel spirit, by exposing it, confronting it, and rooting it out, you need strengthening by the Holy Spirit by saturation in the Word, worship and praying in tongues on a daily basis as a life style.

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